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Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit

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Tan.Lite 32000 Spray Tan Machine



The Tan.Lite 32000 Spray Tan Machine delivers an ultra fine spray mist for accurate and even streak-free spray tanning. Wall mountable, lightweight design. Ideal for salons and mobile tanners.


Wall-Hanging Professional Spray Tan Machine with Micro-Whirlwind Technology
For Mobile or Salon Use

Breakthrough technology places the Tan.Lite 32000 Spray Tan Machine as the only product of its kind to lower energy consumption by 30% in addition to professional quality. Incredibly lightweight yet notably quiet,this innovative machine uses Micro-Whirlwind Technology that creates a continuous stream of smooth air for a more constant flow pattern for accurate, streak-free tanning.

Coupled with an Intelligent Air-Smart Switch that promotes the perfect air flow, it ensures an even, streak- free tan that is free of blotches or splatters.

Compact in size, it can be easily mounted to a wall or can be placed on the floor. 

Key Features of the Tan.Lite

  • Wall-mountable lightweight design for professional use.
  • Intelligent Air-Smart switch for perfect airflow.
  • High Transfer Efficiency. Greater than 85% sprayed on the body, less overspray = less wastage and more profit.
  • Easy to clean, rust-free mechanism that simply cleans with water with no leakage.
  • Quick Connect Gun & Hose System for safe and easy connection.
  • Rounded Filtration System for easy cleaning and direct air intake for whisper quite sound.
  • Applicator provides a fine, smoother skin finish result with it’s unique micro-needle that allows solution to absorbs deep into the skin.

1 x Tan.Lite 32000 Spray Tan Machine
2 x Applicator Spray Tan Gun
1 x Professional Length 1.5m Air House
1 x Power Cord

    Dimensions: W: 253mm (9.9") x H: 163mm (6.4")
    Weight: 1.6 kg (4.2 lbs)
    Cup Capacity: 125mL (4.2 floz)
    Power/Airflow: 32000 RPM
    Noise: 35-50db

    The Tan.Lite is covered by a Two Year (parts only) warranty.
    The Applicator gun is covered by a Lifetime warranty.
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