tan go away

exfoliating mitt


when you need that tan gone! or prepping for a fresh new hit. a tanning exfoliator mitt to keep you looking fierce. this mitt could even help a leopard change its spots.


tan go away... exfoliating mitt


when your wild tan needs taming and all you need is that old tan gone... or you're prepping for that fresh new hit. all to keep you looking fierce and keeping your tan on point.

use this exfoliating mitt to remove your old tan and dead skin cells. this mitt could help a leopard change its spots. for a perfect, stripe-free tan.

just one awesome mitt ;) 100% nylon.

slide your hand into mitt. did you notice it’s kind of like a mitten? can be used as a dry buff or with water to prep skin for your next tanning session. use in circular motions to remove your old fake tan and dead skin cells and then... ta-da! you’re ready for an awesome dark tan with zero streaks.

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