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Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit

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Coconut Foam Duo Pack

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Tan.Applicator - Excess 3 Quick Connect

  • Leverer mere spray tan på huden med stregfrie resultater
  • Rustfri stål trigger, stift & variabel skive giver dig mulighed for at justere spraymængderne
  • Let, kompakt design med et buet håndtag for ekstra komfort og kontrol
  • Ideel til hurtigere teknikker og selvbrunere, der kan lide mørkere resultater
  • Minimer brug af opløsningen: Designet til at bruge ca. 40 ml opløsning pr. spraypåføring

With Stainless Steel Control

Extreme volume for faster, darker application of spray tan. A more robust powerful atomisation for stronger results. The Excess 3 Spray Tan Applicator Gun transforms skin in an instant. Designed to deliver more spray tan onto the skin with streak-free results. Using only 40-60ml (1.35–2 fl oz) of solution per body application, it decreases overspray significantly while ensuring that enough product is applied to the body without creating the ‘Orange Effect’ that can be caused by too much solution on the skin. The stainless steel trigger, pin & variable dial allow you to adjust the spray volumes and is ideal for Competition and Event Tanning or for faster application techniques.

Key Features

  • Extreme volume for a faster, darker application of spray tan
  • Delivers more spray tan onto the skin with streak-free results
  • Ideal for faster techniques & tanners who like darker results
  • Perfect for Competition, Events & 3D tanning
  • Precision stainless steel controls
  • 1 year warranty
    • Smallest spray tan gun in the Industry
    • Stainless steel trigger, pin & variable dial allow you to adjust the spray volumes
    • Lightweight, compact design with a curved handle for added comfort and control
    • Fine, smoother skin finish result with it’s unique micro-needle that absorbs deep into the skin
    • Minimize solution usage: Designed to use around 40ml solution per spray application
    • High Transfer Efficiency: More than 85% onto the job, less overspray = less wastage + more profit
    • Adjustable spray nozzle: The 2-way adjustable nozzle increases airflow and allows smoother vertical or horizontal spray pattern results
    • Clean.Easy: Simply clean with water with no leakage
    • Adjustable Flow Control. A variable dial that changes spray volumes to achieve custom skin finishing results
    • Flexible Dip Stick allows easy cleaning and solution to flow constantly even if the gun is tilted

    Dimensions: W: 145mm (6") x L: 85mm (3") x H 140mm (5.5")
    190g (6.7oz)
    125mL (4.2 floz) – Average 4 Spray Tans

    The Excess 3 Applicator is covered by a 1 Year Warranty.
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